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Monday, November 14, 2005

Off-Season with L.A.

I have made a Shopping List for the Los Angeles Dodgers this offseason that will work financially as well as help them succeed on the field. I think we should have about 15-20 million bucks to spend.

Brian Giles: This is the one guy that I would really go after. He led the league in walks last year, which means lots of RBI's for Jeff Kent. I imagine him asking for about 8 million dollars a year, so we should spend about 9 million on him just to be safe. He would hit for .300, have an OBP of .430, and score 120 runs with Jeff Kent behind him.

Paul Konerko: If we could get him for 8 mil, go for it, but for some reason I think he asks for more. Maybe something like 12 mil or even more. That we cannot afford. He will hit atleast 30 homers, drive in above 90 runs, but we cannot afford to overpay this guy. We would have him if Tommy Lasorda wasn't such a douche-bag!

Hideki Matsui: He would be great to have, but again, many would take him over. He does what Konerko does except he will field the ball and ask for EVEN MORE!

Nomar Garciaparra: This man we should seriously consider. He cannot ask for too much because he is coming off a terrible season, so we could get some great production out of him for cheap. He can play first, third, short, or second (assuming Jeff Kent moves to first or is traded). I think we should get him for sure, because of his price tag and his possible productivity.

Rafael Furcal: Solid player (could be slightly more patient) but he will ask for some serious dough. He has been pretty productive in the last two years, but I think he will want a bigger deal than some of the other shortstops got last year (see: Jimmy Rollins and Orlando Cabrera). I see him wanting 5 years at 40 or more million dollars. Way too much for a replacable shortstop.

Dimitri Young: He could be a sleeper signing and I think no matter what he will put up good numbers where-ever he goes. He has been solid and he might take a price cut in order to possibly play with his younger brother Delwin Young (in the minors).

I only think two pitchers are worth considering going after:

Kevin Millwood: This guy can do remarkable things for usually a low price. I am scared that he will ask for a lot of money because of the remarkable season he is coming off of, but I also believe that he is humble and might come to LA.

Kenny Rogers: Two things about this pitcher: Because of this last year he will need a huge paycut or to retire. He also has an inflammatory temper that will lead to a lot of harm in the future. He is a high risk high reward guy.

Here's a plan: Trade Jeff Kent and resign Milton Bradley. This would make our team younger and it would free up salary space (hmmm maybe Adam Dunn?). It is worth looking in to.


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