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Monday, November 14, 2005

Welcome to the New Dodger's Blog

Welcome to The SABR-Dodgers. This is a post where you can vent about the Los Angeles Dodgers in any way shape or form. I am of the "Moneyball" philosophy, but I do not wish for this to intimidate those of other philisophies. The one catch is that I can rag on you if you say something that I think is stupid.

Well, here is the first post of this blog:

A few weeks ago, Paul DePodesta was fired. I totally disagree with this move and it will take a lot from Frank McCourt (the Dodger's owner) to win back my respect. I mean, DePodesta had a plan, and the fact that McCourt is firing him after only two years (most GMs need atleast three years to set up their team) is stunning. I cannot believe how much this man and his idiot wife has paid attention to the morons writing for the LA Times (talking about the hated Bill Plaschke and TJ Simers) and that they actually listened to them and took their advice by firing Mr. DePodesta!

Now the Dodgers will probably enter free-agency with the dumbass Tommy LaSorda running the pickups. That's right, the man who traded Paul Konerko and pushed for trading Pedro Martinez! Ugh...

What's more is that the payroll is likely to drop from the steady 100 million to the lowly 75 million dollars. Now, there are not many people who can manage a low-budget team better than the Moneyball GM Paul DePodesta.

That's it for today, and welcome to The Blog.


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