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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

God Damn!!

Well, the Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez era is over in Los Angeles. Both of the DePodesta acquisitions were traded to the LUCKY Oakland Athletics. Who did we get in return? Andre Ethier.

We Lost:

A HARD TO FIND Centerfielder in Bradley, and our second best infielder (behind Jeff Kent, and stats say he would be just as valuable as Kent at second base) in Antonio Perez

We Gain:

Andre Ethier, the 2003 2nd round pick (not bad at all). The good new is that the A's drafted him, and they tried to draft him in 2001 as well! This means he was wanted by a top organization.

I still think this was a bone-headed move.

Well, my Ned Colletti apology has ended after only two days of use! I am angry but must stay optimistic towards Ethier's future.

Ethier had a .800+ OPS last year in a pitcher's league. I expect him to contribute in 2006, and really help in 2007. I only wish we could have gotten more than one player for the two quality players that we sent.


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