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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Feel Humbled

I think that I owe an apology to Ned Colletti. When he first jumped on board I was sort of hard on him, and from what I have seen so far I have to say I like. He made an OK deal with Furcal (I have a gut feeling that he will be great in the leadoff spot), and Bill Mueller is the perfect short-term solution at third base. He maintains he will not kill the system, and I have a lot of respect for that. Grady Little seems like he will put out some great lineups, and this could be a very smart pickup. The one BAD move he made was signing Sandy Alomar Jr. This guy is old, fat, never walks, and couldn't throw the ball to 2nd if he were standing five feet away from it. I guess talks were going nowhere with Paul Bako, so we had to pick up a non-productive old dude who might teach something to Navarro or Russell Martin.

For now, Colletti has been forgiven.

I reserve the right to withdraw this apology, for it is a long offseason.


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