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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sanders and Lofton or a Spine?

The two most rumored outfield acquisitions for the Dodgers are Reggie Sanders and Kenny Lofton. Here is how to break them down.

Lofton: Last year he had a .392 OBP, playing in 110 games. He has been a decent center-fielder as of late. Even with his age he stole 22 bases last year. No power, but he doesn't strike out much, he can take a walk, and he is perfect to hit behind Furcal.

Sanders: Good power, decent fielding, and great speed for his age. The one thing he lacks is plate discipline, but he will be kept up by the rest of the lineup. Injury limited his playing time last year, but in his 93 games he hit 21 homers! He would play LF, and would be versatile in the batting order.

Here is the major problem: Where is the money for pitching? We will not need outfielders because all of the balls will be uncatchable! Here is our rotation at the moment...

1. Brad Penny
2. Derek Lowe
3. Odalis Perez
4. D.J. Houlton
5. Edwin Jackson

In Question: Jeff Weaver

We have two Number 2 pitchers (Penny and Lowe), a Number 3 (Perez), and two number 5s (Houlton and Jackson). Weaver is a Number 2 as well.

Signing Weaver makes us have three Number 2 pitchers, which is great. But to succeed in the playoffs you need atleast one staff-ace. Before we get caught up in all of this Lofton and Sanders business, we need a backbone: an ace.

I addressed this in an earlier column, and I looked over the possible choices that were big names. Ned Colletti should forget about either Sanders or Lofton or both, and he should look for a spine. We need a spine to stop our losing streaks (we had trouble with that last year) before we go out and get ourselves two more hitters.


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