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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Top 10 Prospects up on, Chat Tomorrow

The Dodger Organization's Top Ten Prospects were posted on, so here it is:
1. Chad Billingsley
2. Andy Laroche
3. Joel Guzman
4. Russel Martin
5. Johnathan Broxton
6. Scotte Elbert
7. Blake DeWitt
8. Matt Kemp
9. Etanislao Abreu
10. Chin-Lung Hu

Here are my Top 5:
1. Joel Guzman
Explanation: He has the tools to be one of the best players the Dodger's have ever had! The sky is the limit for this kid.

2. Chad Billingsley
Explanation: Do not get me wrong, this kid is great. I am not insulting him by putting him at number 2. It is just that I like JtD (Joel the Destroyer) slightly more because of his endless ceiling. I also think Chad has to improve his control.

3. Andy Laroche
Explanation: I expect Laroche to produce at the most 40 homers in the majors, but he will probably average 30 a year. Excellent production possibilities, and it is only amplified by the fact he is such a great fielder.

4. Russel Martin
Explanation: I love this kid. He seems awesome and embodies the perfect catcher. He is a potential gold glove winner, and he walks more than he strikes-out. I am undecided over wheteher he or Dioner is our future catcher, but one of them could be used as amazing trade bait.

5. Matt Kemp
Explanation: I love J-Brox (Jonathan Broxton), but I love Matt Kemp more. He is a good fielder that put up great numbers at the Arizona Fall League. Kemp can become a guaranteed 35 homerun, .380 OBP guy in the future which I love.

Baseball America's Biggest Snub: James Loney
Explanation: This kid gets no love. He is an amazing fielder (by amazing I mean GOLD GLOVE!) that has shown the potential for great hitting. Loney will see the BA article and make it a chip on his shoulder, and he will improve. I saw it at the Arizona Fall League, where he was popping homers off his bat as if the balls had wings. This kid would rank as my 7th or 8th prospect in the system.


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