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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Non-Dodger Article on: The Internet

I said in my latest post that the internet is growing, and it could not be true. We can do almost anything on the internet; we can send e-mail even better than ever with GMail, shop for just about anything, get jobs on the internet, put the internet on our cell phones, and choose from a variety of different browsers to surf with.


The new frontier of e-mail. Instead of deleting e-mail or putting them in thousands of folders, you can archive them with labels! Instead of having to type in a ton of contacts, you can make contact groups! Set Vacation Auto-Responders! More as well! (Caution: Not everybody can just sign up for GMail, you need to be invited) Yahoo! is reportedly coming out with a new e-mail system that could be better than GMail.


Shopping at stores is almost completely unnecessary. Buy stuff off of places like,,, and more, with just the click of a button!


I have never used a place like to get a job, so I will not go into much detail. The fact is that we can get jobs over the internet, which is pretty amazing! No interview, no problem.

Internet on Cell Phones:

Usually the browsing on phones is not very great, but Opera Software's Cell Phone Browser is supposed to be amazing! It is called 'Opera Mini' and it is free to download. The home-page is the Google home-page with a little searchbar. If anybody has tried it tell me how they like it!


For Windows, you have the options of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera (again). Firefox and Opera crush I.E. in just about every subject. Firefox is more Internet Explorer-Friendly, but when you get used to it Opera can be better. I am using Firefox at the moment because it works better with Blogger. If you get one of the two I reccommend, make sure to customize it to fit your wants.

And the Internet is only just beginning to getting good...


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