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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Molina Rumors...

All of my buddies have been telling me that they are hearing about Bengie Molina and the Dodgers striking up a deal. To start this off: I will be extremely pissed if we sign B.M. Why do we need him? To back up Navarro? I thought that was Sandy Alomar not so Jr.'s job. Start ahead of Navarro? Is this some kind of sick joke?

Maybe Colletti has a secret deal with the Giants to screw us this year.

I think the real reason is that Nedley thinks we can win the division this year! And what happens if we win the division? We get our heads taken off by the Cardinals in the NLDS!

First he trades two promising pitchers (Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffanny), then he trades one of the Goggle Club Members (Duaner Sanchez)! This is not fair to the fans of the future. I bet he is getting some phone calls from the Dodger Fans on their deathbeds saying: "I need to see them win before they die!"

Ned, don't F**k this up for me.......


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