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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Fantasy Baseball Primer

I have decided to write my own Fantasy Baseball Primer. I am not a noob who thinks he knows everything about Fantasy, because I have actually won a league before (unlike many so-called 'experts'). I have a cousin who is playing Fantasy Baseball for the first time this year, and he asked me to write this. I hope this can help you and my cousin win your league or at least buy some respect in your league.

I am putting them in order of value, which is their production balanced by where they might fall in your draft (this is a statistic made in my head).


1. Albert Pujols - Averages 40 homers a year and is going to hit over .300 AGAIN.
2. Travis Hafner - Not many of you saw this one coming. He is young, on a great squad, and poised to tear it up.
3. David Ortiz - Big Papi rules. He also doesn't have to worry about being hurt in the field (like Hafner).
4. Derrek Lee - Not going to be like last year, but he should do well.
5. Tie - Carlos Delgado and Todd Helton - Consistency=domination.
6. Mark Teixeira - Hardcore hitter.

Also watch out for: Nick Johnson, Jason Giambi, and Nick Swisher.

Second Base:

1. Chase Utley - The next Jeff Kent
2. Jeff Kent - The first Jeff Kent
3. Alfonso Soriano - Hits homeruns and steals. You are lucky walks don't matter.
4. Luis Castillo - New team, new player.
5. Felipe Lopez - Power player that isn't too popular yet (good for shortstop and thirdbase as well)

Also watch out for: Ricky Weeks, Jorge Cantu, and Ronnie Belliard.

Short Stop:

1. Miguel Tejada - Duh!
2. Michael Young - The last white hope.
3. Johnny Peralta - Kicked ass last year, and he can only get better this year.
4. Rafael Furcal - Steals and scores.
5. Derek Jeter - I hate him but he can play.

Also watch out for: Cesar Izturis (insurance for Furcal), Jimmy Rollins, and Julio Lugo.

Third Base:

1. Alex Rodriguez - Duh!
2. David Wright - He is going to be DA BOMB.
3. Aramis Ramirez
4. Eric Chavez - He is a machine, and a good one too.
5. Hank Blalock - Everything is bigger in Texas.

Sorry for the lack of ingenuity at third base, but the good players are obvious.

Also watch out for: Morgan Ensberg (he would have been #6 on the list), Melvin Mora, and Bill Mueller.


1. Miguel Cabrera - Duh!
2. Vladdy Daddy Guerrerro - Duh!
3. Andruw Jones - Duh!
4. Manny Ramirez - Duh!
5. Carl Crawford - Speedy and powerful.
6. Jason Bay - Became quite the baller last year.
7. Johnny Damon - Be careful of the Yankee Syndrome.
8. Hideki Matsui - So solid.
9. Bobby Abreu - So many tools.
10. Adam Dunn - Strong man, quick bat.
11. Ichiro Suzuki - High average hitter.
12. Lance Berkman - Killer Bs for LIFE!
13. Ken Griffey Jr. - Looking for last year again.
14. J.D. Drew - Would be higher, but has health issues.
15. Carlos Beltran - Praying for a good year.

Also watch out for: Juan Pierre, Milton Bradley, and Chad Tracy.


1. Victor Martinez - My worst move last year was dropping him.
2. Joe Mauer - Rare find: a catcher with 1st Base hitting skills.
3. Jason Varitek - Mr. Consistent
4. Dioner Navarro - Poised for a great Sophomore year.
5. Gregg Zaun - Good catcher on a great looking team (Toronto).

Also watch out for: Russel Martin, Jason Kendall, and Ivan Rodriguez.

Starting Pitcher:

1. Dontrelle Willis - I think he will bounce back from the WBC.
2. Chris Carpenter - Not going to be last year, but he will be decent.
3. Pedro Martinez - Stronger run support!
4. Roger Clemens - Assuming he plays.
5. Johan Santana - Ace.
6. Jake Peavy - Killer Change-up that makes hitters cry.
7. Mark Buehrle - Mr. Consistent for me last year.
8. Kevin Millwood - Beware of Texas, he could backfire (but he is a great hurler).
9. John Patterson - Great pickup for me last year.
10. Roy Oswalt - Part of Houston's big 3.
11. Barry Zito - Starts slow, heats up faster than anybody.
12. Carlos Zambrano - Throws HEAT!
13. Mark Prior - Throws HEAT (when healthy)!
14. Josh Beckett - This low because of Fenway Park Syndrome.
15. Tie - Roy Halladay and AJ Burnett - Both could carry the Jays to the playoffs.

Also watch out for: Tim Hudson, Bartolo Colon, and Carlos Silva.

Relief Pitcher:

1. Mariano Rivera - My best move last year: cheating some guy into giving me him.
2. Brad Lidge - So what if he combusted last postseason.
3. Francisco Rodriguez - His nickname says it all: K-Rod.
4. Chad Cordero - Surprise player of last year.
5. Eric Gagne - Yeah, I am just a little bit biased.

Also watch out for: Derrick Turnbow, Bob Wickman, Joe Nathan, and Danys Baez (insurance for Gagne).


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