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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Bad Start followed with a Recovery

The Bad Start:

Yep, this was a game the Dodgers should have easily won. Derek Lowe pitched 6 strong innings and our offense did OK. The thing that went wrong was our bullpen. Brazoban couldn't hold it together, and Tim Hamulack threw the game away. We definitely had the superior team on the field today, but we didn't do everything we could have possibly done.

The Recovery:

Brad Penny did almost everything he could have possibly done this game. He pitched 7 great innings and knocked in his own run. James Loney played some good baseball today and could be a very pleasant addition to our team this year.

I am extremely happy we don't have to play Bobby Abreu for a while.

While we have gotten onto an okay start, we cannot keep playing this way. Tied for 3rd in the division, our pitching (especially the starters, but also the relief) needs to buckle down for the season. The good thing is that the season has only begun, and a lot of things can go on during the long season.

By the way, I am currently reading Game of Shadows, the tell-all book written by two San Francisco Chronicle writers about the BALCO scandal. I never realized how many athletes were using these drugs and how sophisticated the steroid system is. The BALCO scandal is also an incredible story in itself.

I should have a review posted in the next week or two.

Well, that is it for this post, and on to Pittsburgh for the Dodgers...


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