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Monday, April 17, 2006

It Truly is a Game of Shadows

I have recently finished Game of Shadows, the book by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters depicting the rampant use of steroids in all sports, particularly track sports and baseball.

The biggest story told in the book is the one of Barry Bonds and BALCO. Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams (the two reporters and authors of this book) show the world the crap that has been going into Bonds's body since 1997.

He uses Growth Hormone, Deca-Durabolin, the Cream, the Clear, a drug called EPO, and more! A typicaly Barry fan would say that 'He is innocent until proven guilty' at this point in the conversation and he would be technically right. But the only reason that he still is innocent is because prosecutors have been hanging back on the subject of Bonds because they do not want to be responsible of killing baseball. I say that because they are killing baseball even faster by not prosecuting the steroid users.

This book is so full of information that I think you need to read it (along with Moneyball) to consider yourself a good baseball fan. There are so many people out there barking about BALCO when they have no idea how sophisticated their steroid program really was. They fooled EVERYBODY, even the incredible Olympic Steroid Testers. In fact, if BALCO had just been a little bit more careful where they put their trash and how they labeled their documents, Victor Conte (owner of BALCO) would still be dealing steroids like crazy. All they needed was a simple paper shredder and a way to cleanly dispose of syringes and they would have been home-free. It really shows how dumb criminals can be...

Anyways, I suggest, if not command you to go out and buy this book right away. I promise you will be suprised as to the extent of 'roids in sports.


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