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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It was Fun Until we Lost

Dodgers Lose, 5-4

I am really tired, so rather than point out the good, I am going to make fun of the players who lost this game for us.

Sandy Alomar Jr. might as well lay down face first on the basepath and he would be safe more times than now. It was hilarious watching him trying to score. I could hear him panting through my television.

Jason Repko, I was so proud of you when you hit that home-run. I was even more proud when I saw what a powerful arm that you have. In fact, that throw probably went farther than your home-run did. If only you were standing in the parking lot, then the throw would have hit the catcher's target and gotten the runner out with ease. Seriously, that throw was not an Error. Error doesn't come close to describing it. It is more like a SFUT (Super-F**ked-Up-Throw). You and Roger Cedeno should have a little contest, and, even though Cedeno is quite the SFUTer (Super-F**ked-Up-Thrower), I still think you have him beaten. I actually quite enjoyed your 'throw' this evening, and if the net wasn't there, you might have hit an illegal alien crossing the border.

Hopefully tommorow will be different...


  • At 11:57 PM, Blogger slackfarmer said…

    Sax was quite the SFUTer in his day. Good to have a little humor after another ugly loss.

  • At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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