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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

J.D.! J.D.! Kenny! Kenny! Takashi?

What a game! Pitching held up and the offense pulled through at the right times.

Pitching: Outstanding. Derek Lowe started it off, and Takashi Saito (my new hero until he has a bad game, and then I will trash him and deny his existence) kept it going. Takashi struck out 4 in two perfect innings, and there is nothing more a reliever can do.

Hitting: It was nice to see Jeff Kent in the lineup again, and we got lucky with his head injury. Nothing much from anybody at the plate except for J.D. Drew. That last hit was picture perfect. Bill Mueller didn't get a fair chance to knock anybody in, because he walked 4 times.

Coaching: If Grady Little called that steal by Kenny Lofton, he should be damn proud of himself. A stroke of genius is what it was. The Cubs knew it was coming and couldn't do a thing.

It was nice to see victory, and now we are ONLY a game below .500, and two games behind the Giants/Rockies.


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