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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Aw shucks...

We lost 3-4 in 14 (yes, 14) innings

I hate Ramon Martinez, because I need a scape-goat. No, even better, I hate Steve Lyons. Steve Lyons is the worst announcer we could possibly have. His comments are so unintelligent, so unoriginal, that he has become a fountain of baseball cliches. All of his comments have the thought level lower than some 3-Year-Olds I know.

Sorry Steve, but I needed a little pinata, and you were the most stupid donkey out there.

Anyways, the game was almost won, but we just had the pitcher in the worst spot possible, so when Odalis Perez came up with the bases loaded, I pretty much figured out this game was not ours to win.

Good job to: J.D. Drew (even though you left early, I think this game makes 29 or 30 consecutive games where you have reached base), Brad Penny, (Those two are my MVPs so far), Takashi Saito, Lance Carter, Franquelis Osoria, and Kenny Lofton.


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