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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Game at 7:10 LA Time

Today is when Nomar Garciaparra is scheduled to come back into the lineup. What does this mean for the Dodgers?

1. James Loney and Olmedo Saenz have been kicked from the lineup. Loney was OBPing .295, and Saenz was .324.

2. Our first base becomes slightly better.

3. Our first base defense becomes weaker. James Loney was a superb defensive firstbasemen. This shouldn't keep him in the lineup, but it is a point that must be made. So Loney will go to Vegas while Saenz becomes Nomah's backup.

If parts of our outfield still suck, one possibility is Nomar playing outfield and calling up Loney. Calling up Loney would probably cost either Repko or Ledee. You know I would pick Repko in a second.


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