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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shameful Play

Dodgers lose to the Pirates 6 to 7.

So many things went wrong in this game. While it was nice to see Jae Seo start a game, I think that he might be better suited to a relief role where hitters see less of him. The Pirates caught on to his off speed pitches after the suprise of them wore off. I also think that Grady Little didn't pull Seo fast enough. After Ryan Doumit homered, Seo should have been pulled. He was obviously loosing it, but Little thought he could finish the innings without more bloodshed.

Another note on the game is that Jason Repko sucks. Three strikeouts? Here is the move that I propose: Move J.D. Drew to centerfield, and let Jose Cruz Jr. fill Drew's spot in right field. Repko could be a pinch hitter, give some of our outfielders rest, and be a key pinch runner late in games.

Lance Carter had a rough night as well. It seemed strange to leave him in for a second inning but that turned out alright. He will probably be this year's Giovanni Cararra.

Grady Little did some good things as well. He called two steals (Rafael Furcal and Jason Repko), and he also called for a player to run on a 3-2 count with one out and it saved a double play.

Overall, this game was extremely dissapointing. Losing like this to a team like the Pirates (especially a team like the Pirates that is being managed by JIM TRACY) is simply unexceptable. Grady Little needs to put a slightly better lineup on the field (when I say this I am mainly referring to Repko) and choose when to pull pitchers at better times.

I would also like to give props to Bill Mueller, who went 4 for 4 with three RBIs and TWO HOME-RUNS!!!


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