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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Simply put: Depressing

Okay, so we lost. It was an exciting series, and we blew it. But who cares? The season is in disarray. We don't have Kenny Lofton or Nomar, and now JEFF KENT (probably our best player) and Olmedo (I mis-spelled it earlier, SORRY) Saenz, who is our best first basemen.

So: James Loney, welcome to the big show. You are now officially our best first basemen.

And: Um... GEE! I wish we had Antonio Perez right now. Good job Colletti. Does this mean we might be seing Delwyn Young or Joel Guzman? Could be a fun little expirement...

And: Odalis Perez, you are an awful pitcher. Wow... Where is Scott Erickson when you need him.

Good News???

J.D. Drew is the MAN! Rafael Furcal is his twin brother, the MAN! Bill Mueller is their other twin, the MAN! Jason Repko is their little brother, the SCREWUP!

Well, Dodgers, have a safe trip to Philadelphia...

Our club can still keep it together, but it will just be a little bit harder.


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