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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sunday's Double-Header

First Game starts at 1:05 Eastern Time, 10:05 Los Angeles time.

On the Mound for the Dodgers: Derek Lowe

On the Mound for the Phillies: Ryan Madson

This game should be a win for the Dodgers, because I think that Derek Lowe is a superior pitcher to Ryan madson. Lowe has had a head cold the past few weeks and this game should determine whether he feels better or not.

Second Game of the Double-Header:

On the Mound for the Dodgers: Brad Penny

On the Mound for the Phillies: Jon Lieber

Brad Penny is 1 and 0, Jon Lieber is 0 and 1. Lieber is looking to bounce back and Penny is looking to continue strong. This should also be a win for the Dodgers, but Brad Penny is the type of pitcher that will look like an ace for a few games and then look like a little-leaguer the next few (which is basically what every pitcher on the Dodgers is like).

Forgot to mention this in my last post, but it turns out that Gagne will be out of commission from six weeks to eight weeks. Danys Baez is the sherriff until then.


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