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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Today and Yesterday's Game

Sorry I couldn't post anything on yesterday's game YESTERDAY, but it has been almost impossible to get to a computer lately.

Yesterday's game was a good one. Brett Tomko proved himself
with 6 solid innings, Hong-Chih Kuo was great, and Danys Baez is looking like he might be able to fill in Eric Gagne's shoes.

JD Drew was hitless, but he did walk, which is something you can always count on him for. Our offense was servicable, and the best thing of all is that we won a game with players like James Loney filling in for our stars.

Today's Game:

is postponed.

Derek Lowe was suppposed to pitch for us, and I think he can really use the rest.

He will face Ryan Madson tomorrow as part of a double header.


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