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Monday, April 10, 2006

Today's Game against the Pirates

The Dodgers are a much better team than the lowly pirates, but this series is just going to come down to consistency. Nobody can slack off at all this series. We need to remember where we are in our division right now and hope that we can get higher with a good series.

1:35 Eastern Time, 11:35 Los Angeles Time

On the Mound for the Dodgers: Odalis Perez

If Odalis does not give the fans something to cheer about he can expect boos. Odalis is the type that talks the talk but might never walk the walk.

On the Mound for the Pirates: Zach Duke

If I remember correctly, Zach Duke was a small fantasy phenom last year. He was unbeaten for a while last year and he was officially the hottest thing in fantasy baseball.

But that was all last year. The Dodgers need to take control this year and they need to really pummel the Pirates in these next four games.

P.S. If you hate the Eastern Time Zone Day Games, raise your hands!


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