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Friday, April 21, 2006

YES! J.D. Comes Through

J.D. Drew: 2-4, 1 solo home-run, 3 RBIs.

Shawn Green: 2-4, N0 home-run, no RBIs


It may seem petty, but I am glad that Plaschke has nothing to write about how much better Shawn Green is than Drew. It simply isn't true. Although he hasn't quite lived up to his expectations due to his health, J.D. had more talent than anybody since Barry Bonds when he first came up to the majors. No matter what you say, you cannot justify Shawn Green being a better player than J.D. Drew.

Besides that moral victory, we also had a statistical victory. We won 6-3, and O-Dal Perez pitched 6 innings, allowed one run, and had four strikeouts. Another small victory we had was the successful rebound of Danys Baez after his last disaster. He earned his fourth save in 5 chances.

As for the three runs not provided by J.D., Jeff Kent drove Kenny Lofton in in the first inning, James Loney doubled in Bill Mueller, and Rafael Furcal doubled in Jason Repko before J.D. Drew knocked in Furcal.

J.D. Drew leads the team with a .340 average (Jason Repko also is hitting .340, but he is a SFUTer and he has played less than Drew, which disqualifies him from the 'contest').


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